Fat Tire Ale


Fat Tire introduced an entire generation to craft beer, with an unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability since the start.

As the urgency of the climate crisis has grown, and new avenues have emerged to reduce our impact, we’ve doubled down on climate action and advocacy using every tool we have – including becoming America’s first certified carbon neutral beer.

Craft beer has also come a long way since Fat Tire first helped put it on the map. Much like we have continued to advance our climate investments, we’ve evolved our iconic recipe to create the best Fat Tire we know how to make and mobilize a new generation to join us in a movement around climate action.

Whether you love the planet, enjoy great beer, or both – we hope you will embrace the chance to change along with us.

ABV: 5.2%
IBU: 15
YEAST: House Ale Yease
HOPS: Triumph, HBC-522, Barbe Rouge
MALT: Pale, C-80, Munich, Raw Barley
VISUAL: Fat Tire Ale pours as a clear, golden ale with a moderate amount of white foam and lacing
AROMA: Fat Tire Ale has a bright, slightly floral aroma with a mild, biscuity and spicy finish
TASTE: Fat Tire Ale starts slightly sweet and finishes clean, crisp and refreshing
MOUTHFEEL/BODY: Fat Tire Ale has a medium light body making it easy to drink 1, 2, or more



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